Intentional Living

Live a Life of Heart and Meaning”


Change is in the Air,

An ethical and environmentally conscious existence is no longer a dream by a few… but has now become the mindset of some of our best mainstream problem solvers and thinkers.  Our needs must once again take precedence over our wants, as fundamentally this is the only real option that we have as a species on this planet to exist into the future.

 Intentional Living Workshops –

 Intentionally helping make conscious choices and actions for our future generations to feel satisfied, empowered by living with less, environmentally conscious, and coming back to our true nature all the while supported by us. 

“We can do it, so can you”.

As a response to this, a group of skilled practitioners in a wide range of fields is driving to upskill people in a series of online or real-time face to face workshops, and/or private tuition… these will be aimed to give people the skills and acumen to apply to their everyday lives.

Three things that come to mind: 

1, Don’t be afraid to give it a go we are all learners, Just remember what makes a Teacher is they have been learning longer than us.

2, The best experiences in life are experiences, So try something different.

3, and last but not least, as Humans we are just amazing and when we give new things in Life ago and don’t let “the fear” control us, who knows what we will achieve. 


Up and coming Events will be posted here and on Facebook, please register by email: 

For online workshops please register by emailing us, (available worldwide).

Coming Soon – Day Workshops at San Remo – Phillip Island Melbourne Australia, please email us with your interest.

Dates, Cost, and Locations coming to you soon.


Looking forward to meeting everyone.

Please note: these are workshops, no qualification is given.  No internal product installation, plumbing or electrical advice or installation given in these workshops.  (but we can offer advice on off-grid products)