Five Element Meditation Health Retreats

Reconnect with your True Nature


Earth Works Centre’s, Stunning Acreage in Victoria Melbourne…Learn more

Wu Xing He Qi Dao

Wu Xing He Qi Dao Is a Self-initiated health and wellness practice that teaches the practitioner Qi (life energy) cultivation and direction.

The practice of this Art incorporates meditative non-resistant partnered movements that guide the practitioner towards being centrally present in a dynamically changing World that we all live in.

Each exercise has its own physical and psychological health benefits, relating to the energetic anatomy and physiology of…Learn more…

Live a Life of Heart and Meaning


 The combination of unprecedented of Personal stress, un-affordability of everyday Living costs, and the depletion of our planet’s resources are propelling a real movement towards sustainable living.

A low impact, ethical and environmentally conscious existence is no longer a Dream by a few, but is now becoming what it seems,

The mindset of our best mainstream problem solvers and thinkers…  Learn more…