Wu Xing He Qi Dao 

Wu Xing He Qi Dao (五行合气道-Chinese) is a Self-initiated health and wellness practice that teaches the student the art of Qi (life energy) cultivation and direction. The practice of the Art of Wu Xing He Qi Dao incorporates meditative non-resistant movements that guide the practitioner towards being centrally present in a dynamically changing World that we all live in.

Wu Xing He Qi Dao Health benefits. 

Each exercise in Wu Xing He Qi Dao has its own physical and psychological health benefits, relating to the energetic anatomy and physiology of Traditional Chinese Medical & Five Element Theory, therefore whether you are wanting to improve emotional physical or spiritual stability or expression, Better personal, family, social relationships or just want to have a new experience these classes may be what you are looking for.

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Five Element (Wu Xing) Meditation Melbourne Classes 五行冥想  

Learn how to hold this energy in a productive way to bring a great sense of health and wellbeing to your life.  Join us in our Spring He Qi Dao Meditation and Movement classes, workshops, and retreats. 

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Five Element (Wu Xing) Meditation Teacher Training

In this intensive Teacher training course will be delivered over a series of workshops supporting the learning abilities and levels from the beginner to the advanced. 

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What you can learn from the WuXing 五行

The Studying of the Seasons is a metaphoric way to understand “Change and Difference” as a productive process in our lives and not something to be feared or avoided. 

You will be guided to explore the lessons and energetic opportunities that the Chinese Wu Xing, 五行 (Five Elements, Five Phases or Five aggregates) have to offer in your daily life, through the incorporation of Guided Wu Xing Ming Xiang mindful meditation (五行冥想), Five phase Qi Gong(五行氣功)and Five Element He Qi Dao (五行合气道) Forms.

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Wu Xing He Qi Dao and Wu Xing Ming Xiang classes, workshops, and retreats are open to all members of the public, at any fitness level.

Please join us for our next Free Melbourne Wu Xing Meditation Class at the library at the Docks and Wu Xing He Qi Daoat the Docklands Comunity Garden, Melbourne  We are a not for profit Better Community Art workshop provider.


Mission: To promote the practice of Clarity, Tranquility, and Simplicity in our daily lives. 

Wu-Xing-He-Qi- Dao, Five-Phase-Meditation-PractitionerTeachings by Shifu Xiè’ēn 師傅 谢恩

Xiè’ēn is a qualified Acupuncturist, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Five Elements Specialist with over four decades of Dynamic Zen Meditation & Dharma teaching.  Shifu Xiè’ēn has developed and founded the Art of Wu Xing He Qi Dao (五行合气道) as a helping tool towards the practice and study of Peace and Understanding in our daily lives.

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Five Element (Wu Xing) Meditation

Wu Xing He Qi Dao Free Workshops -Summer Free Meditation Melbourne Classes 2019

Date: Sunday, October 27, 2019

Time: 3.45pm to 4.45pm 

Location: Library at The Dock, Docklands Melbourne
107 Victoria Harbour Promenade, Docklands VIC 3008
Third floor in The Terrace Room.
 Free Class
Everyone is welcome, cushions supplied or bring your own.
Practitioner: Xiè’ēn…

Wu Xing He Qi Dao Mind and Body Movement Classes,

Summer Meditation Melbourne Classes, also on What’s on Melbourne.

Wu Xing Five Element Meditation Introduction

Five Element (Wu Xing) Meditation Music, Chanting, Movie

Sitting Meditation. Mind Focus, Clarity, and Tranquility in Daily Life.